Cast and Crew

Jessica Fletcher, Sarah Palin, Creator
Jessica Fletcher was born in Las Cruces, NM but spent most of her adolescent years in the suburbs of Chicago. An only child, raging Leo, half Mexican & half Irish – she truly was set up to be, well – ‘energetic’ to say the least. Having experimented with all extra-curriculars including fort-building and gymnastics …Jessica decided-demanded to act and at age 6 enrolled in local community theater. Jessica is trained in acting, improv, stand-up and sketch comedy and currently resides in NYC. She can be seen performing at clubs around the city, but calls Broadway Comedy Club her home. 23 years, 7 brothers and sisters, 3 step-moms, 2 dads and one stint in “Baptist college hell” later, she is truly coming into her own as both an actress & stand-up comic. Visit Jessica’s MySpace Page

Cillary Hlinton, Hillary Clinton
Most people have never heard of Cillary Hinton, the former first lady’s spiteful Slovakian cousin. Cillary was born and raised on a farm in Slovakia – given over to a working class farming family at 2 years of age due to the families desire to remove her from their prestigious political club. After a 74-day paddleboat trip across the Adriatic sea, Cillary arrived, landed the role of her arch nemesis, Hillary, in this short film. The rest is history. Cillary is currently working on a tell-all book entitled “My eviction from the Clinton dynasty and love for pulling teets.” If this was a real person we would offer her MySpace link here.

D. Louis, Director / Producer
Most Raised in Central New Jersey, Dave was making short films and sketches since his early teen years. With masterful timing and wit he is viewed by his peers as a comedic genius. He now resides in New York City and attends the New York Film Academy. He has a hard name to remember, but soon you will undoubtedly have to. Visit Dave’s MySpace Page

Matt Allan, Creator and Executive Producer
Matt Allan was born and raised in New Jersey. During college, Matt was always interested in film and was the director of his universities cable sports television show for two years. He has spent the past three years working in Public Relations and Marketing in New York City. Matt specializes in Web start-ups and consumer technology companies. After studying social media strategy for the past year, he has decided to put his knowledge to the test to see if he can make a video go viral over the Web. When not held up at a poker table at Caesars in AC or the Rio in Vegas, he can be found…well…nowhere. All he does is work and occasionally play poker.

Bob Sentipal, Director of Photography
Bob Sentipal was born and raised in Bergen County, New Jersey. His passion for film began at an early age when him and friends would write and shoot comedy sketches and fake commercials at the age of 10. He attended William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey, where he studied Film and developed a passion for directing and cinematography. His first student film “Afternoon Delight” won Best Short at the University’s annual film festival in 2003. In summer of 2007, he shot and directed a short film entitled “The Closet”, which was selected as one of sixteen finalists for the Tropfest at Tribeca film festival. He is currently working on several short and feature length scripts that he hopes to eventually direct. Visit Bob’s MySpace Page


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