About Us

The cast and crew of this video feel that staying informed, taking action and voting for our next President is crucial. If you’ve paid any attention to the presidential election you know first-hand the antics of the McCain/Palin campaign. Kudos to Governor Palin for giving us all MANY good laughs over the past few months and surely in the months to come. We all thank Gov. Palin for her public service but that doesn’t give her immunity from being made fun of. She gave us way to much to use anyway.

Conceived during a mid-afternoon coffee break on Madison Avenue, we decided we couldn’t take it any longer and had to release our inner comedic demons – “F’ing Sarah Palin.” This site is a place to not only view the F’ing Sarah Palin video, but the most recent political commentary and satire on Gov. Palin out there.

We are not doing this to make a political statement, or change the election. We are doing this for fun. If you’re not having fun in life, then what are you doing?

All members of F’ing Sarah Palin currently reside in and around the New York metro area. Please click here if you wish to reach us.


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